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Be Implorable Mr. Ambassador

SERMON AUDIO: Implorable SERMON- 06-25 2017
SERMON NOTES: Implorable SERMON 06-25-2017 NOTES

Continuing in 2 Corinthians 5 we examine what it looks like to be implorable? I know it’s a made up word, but it is a biblically desirable characteristic for a follower of Jesus! Find our why this next 4 Sundays and find out how it impacts your summer!

SUNDAY 10:30am

The Pure Joy Man!

Happy Father’s Day

SERMON AUDIO: Fathers Say SERMON_06-21-2015

How long is your shadow?  The fact of the matter is, there’s always someone watching us… and there’s always somebody remembering us. So what kind of legacy are you building for those who follow you? Nowhere is this more evident than in the small trials and tests that happen throughout the day. So, dad’s… grandpa’s… uncle’s… brother’s… cousin’s… let’s dig into God’s Word today and see how to become a man who’s legacy makes those who follow us smile!