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Who am I in this world?

SERMON AUDIO: Implorable SERMON- 06-04 2017
SERMON NOTES: Implorable SERMON 06-04-2017 NOTE

Continuing in 2 Corinthians 5 we examine what it looks like to be implorable? I know it’s a made up word, but it is a biblically desirable characteristic for a follower of Jesus! Find our why this next 4 Sundays and find out how it impacts your summer!

SUNDAY 10:30am

The Basement: Cleaning out the Junk

Making Room for Family

SERMON AUDIO: making room for family SERMON 06-05-2016
SERMON NOTES:  Making Room for Family_BASEMENT_notes

We continue our series called: Making Room for Family. In a world like we live in, sometimes family and family values gets pushed to the sidelines.  Or maybe, no matter how much time you give to it, your family seems not to be meeting your expectations.  There are joys and frustrations to family.  Let’s explore ways to make more room for it and make family matter!

SUNDAY 10:30am

Wholly Sanctified

SERMON AUDIO: Wholly Sanctified_James Olsen_04-03-2016
SERMON NOTES: Sorry no notes today

Today, James Olsen, one of our elders will be bringing God’s Word to us today, addressing the progress of the Christian life known as sanctification.  Taken from Romans 8, James will reveal what sanctification is and how to engage the process with God.  So, grab a Bible, or turn up the volume and get ready to grow.

SUNDAY 10:30am