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Stirred and Questioning

SERMON AUDIO: Stirred and Questioning SERMON 04-09-2017
SERMON NOTES: Palm Sunday SERMON 04-09-2017 NOTES

It’s HOLY WEEK!  Starting with Palm Sunday we sing our hosannas and we journey with Jesus to His Last Supper, then His arrest, trial, and crucifixion, BUT then we wait….. we wait for the Promise – Sunday’s Coming!  Resurrection Day!  Are you ready for it?  More often then not, our posture determines what we expect from God, which determines how we hear God’s promises, which determines what we receive from God. Get you posture right and receive what God promises.  Oh, and come each Sunday and invite some friends!

SUNDAY 10:30am

Abundant JOY!

SERMON AUDIO: Abundant JOY 03-19-2017
SERMON NOTES: Abundant JOY sermon 03-19-2017 NOTES

Our series continues through the month March where we explore a 3000 year old song that was written by an adulterer and a murderer.  He’s a broken man with nowhere to hide and this song reveals where he went to find an abundant life.  That doesn’t sound right, and it doesn’t sound possible, but come each Sunday to find out more.

SUNDAY 10:30am

Everything has a Center

SERMON AUDIO: a-prayer-for-everything-important-10-09-2016
SERMON NOTES: pray-everything-sermon-10-09-2016-notes

O’ God, with all our hearts we long for you. Come transform us to be Christ-centered…

What does it mean to be Christ-centered?  Why is a thing?  And what does it mean for those who call themselves Christians and for those who don’t.  While we pray our shared church prayer we investigate today a gap that we feel, between what we say we believe about our present reality and the reality of the Kingdom of heaven happening in our lives.  Come find our the only way our faith makes sense.

SUNDAY 10:30am

The Kitchen: A recipe for great mothering!

family BANNERHappy Mother’s Day!

SERMON AUDIO: making room for family SERMON 05-08-2016

Today, we start new series called: Making Room for Family. In a world like we live in, sometimes family and family values gets pushed to the sidelines.  Or maybe, no matter how much time you give to it, your family seems not to be meeting your expectations.  There are joys and frustrations to family.  Let’s explore ways to make more room for it and make family matter!

SUNDAY 10:30am

Triumphant to Let Loose your Praise!

PATHOS: Embracing a Passionate Faith

SERMON AUDIO: Pathos Sermon 03-20-2016
SERMON NOTES: PATHOS sermon 03-20-2016 NOTES

Pathos is a quality of an experience in life or a work of art that stirs up emotions of pity, sympathy and sorrow. Pathos can be expressed through words, pictures or even with gestures of the body. For sure there is an intellectual side of out faith.  Our faith has reason and fact and many convincing proofs to justify faith in God.  But what people really want is an experience with God not just information.  But other that feeling sorry for my sins, I don’t know what I should be feeling about my faith. Check in with us each week for a thought provoking message and an explanation for truly feeling and experiencing the living God.

SUNDAY 10:30am