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When you’ve got a minute: Give God the glory

SERMON AUDIO: Summer Time SERMON 07-30-2017
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Speaker: Pastor Tyrone McKenzie

We encourage you to get the rest and recreation you need this summer.  But we also hope you set aside some special time for prayer.  When you gain a handle on a vibrant prayer life, every day can be filled with refreshment for you soul, which goes a lot further than a morning sleeping in Sunday mornings. So, check us out each Sunday we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

SUNDAY 10:30am

If you pitch it, they will come

CAMPING 101: Pitching your Tent on the Promises of God

SERMON AUDIO:  Camping 101 SERMON 08-07-2016
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This week, Pastor Tyrone McKenzie opened up Luke 9 and the Transfiguration of Jesus. This summer we’re going to be getting the Camping 101 and learning to pitch the tent of our faith on the promises of God.  During the next two months we will have a few different speakers and we’ll be looking at various camping scenes in the Bible.  Join us for a fun and faith-filled summer!

SUNDAY 10:30am

Jephthah: the outcast

the unlikelies: Learning from Israel’s Judges

SERMON AUDIO: Judges SERMON_Tyrone McKenzie_07-19-2015
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The Unlikelies: This Sunday Pastor Ty McKenzie will help us exploring the book of Judges by taking a look at the unlikely people God raised up to lead the nation of Israel.  Some of these people are not just unknown to most Bible readers, they are also some of the most unlikely men and women of the Bible.  Join us each Sunday in the summer months to learn from their part in God’s great narrative of salvation leading to the Messiah Jesus!


How to Find Real Joy

COMMUNION SUNDAY (09-03-2013) 

How to Find Real Joy by Pastor Tyrone McKenzie

In John 17 Jesus tells us how and why we should answer the biggest questions in life.