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When you have a minute… be grateful

SERMON AUDIO: Summer Time SERMON 07-09-2017
SERMON NOTES: Summer TIME 07-09-2017 NOTES

Wow, it’s gonna be a hot one!  The summer days and maybe the sermon too!  Summer affords us the chance to take a step back from our normal lives and rest.  Most people in Saskatchewan try to take vacation time, or at least hit the lake on a Saturday to relax on a beach somewhere.  This summer we’re going to be talking about prayer.  Especially with consideration to our normal busyness.  How do I have a meaningful prayer life with all the other stuff of life going on around me.  Great question, find out how each Sunday!

SUNDAY 10:30am

Only One Kick at the Can

Finding the Life you wanted by being Present in the Life you Have!

SERMON AUDIO: Be Present 09-07-2014

People taking pictures of themselves, feet up, with a memorable scene of their daily life, or their ideal life in the background.  Many of us have pictures like this, maybe not from our smartphone, but for sure in our head.  Moments captured in time, of us in a memorable scene.  Pictures of what we want our lives to be like.  Pictures of what our life was.  Good pictures and regretful pictures.  Sometimes we are able to get past a particular picture or pictures, but sometimes we can’t. We all only have one kick at the can, but sometimes we get stuck in a life we don’t want, or at least a less than desired Life. How do you deal with that? Following some of the stories of personal transformation in the Bible we will see how to be present in our pictures.  Say cheese!

SERMON NOTES: Be Present 09-07-2014