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When you have a minute: Face what’s wrong

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Speaker: Tyler Rody

We encourage you to get the rest and recreation you need this summer.  But we also hope you set aside some special time for prayer.  When you gain a handle on a vibrant prayer life, every day can be filled with refreshment for you soul, which goes a lot further than a morning sleeping in Sunday mornings. So, check us out each Sunday we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

SUNDAY 10:30am

Abundant Sacrifice

SERMON AUDIO: Abundant SACRIFICE 04-02-2017
SERMON NOTES: Abundant SACRIFICE sermon 04-02-2017 NOTES

We conclude our series where we explored Psalm 51, a 3000 year old song that was written by a man of influence who committed some horrible sins.  He’s a broken man with nowhere to hide and this song reveals where he went to find an abundant life.  That doesn’t sound right, and it doesn’t sound possible, but come each Sunday to find out more.

SUNDAY 10:30am

Down to Earth HUMILITY

SERMON AUDIO: down-to-earth-sermon_12-11-2016
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Advent is counting down our days to Christmas!
The hopes and fears of all the year are met in thee tonight!  How often do you get an offer like that?  That’s the kind of offer is accessible though at a price: humility.  But not just a humility like we tend to think of it.  Come celebrate the season with us and we will listen to the ancient story of a God who was so down to earth, He actually came down to earth, so that we could know Him and be saved by Him!  Bless you!

SUNDAY 10:30am