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The House of Joseph

RETRACE: walking in the footsteps of Jesus

SERMON AUDIO: RETRACE sermon_12-10-2017

It is the 2nd Sunday of Advent and we are going to look at the influence on Joseph on Jesus and how Jesus walked!  We’re in a series of retracing the footsteps of Jesus — to see the world through His eyes. To understand history from His unique perspective as the Son of God and the Son of man. And I’ll show off a few pics from Israel!

SUNDAY 10:30am

Abundant Mercy


SERMON AUDIO: abundant-mercy-02-12-2017
SERMON NOTES: abundant-mercy-sermon-02-12-2017-notes

Hey friends, we start a new series where we explore a 3000 year old song that was written by an adulterer and a murderer.  He’s a broken man with nowhere to hide and this song reveals where he went to find an abundant life.  Doesn’t sound right, and it doesn’t sound possible, but come each Sunday to find out more.

SUNDAY 10:30am

Camping with a Bear of your Heels

CAMPING 101: Pitching your Tent on the Promises of God

SERMON AUDIO:  Camping 101 SERMON 08-14-2016
ERMON NOTES:  Camping SERMON 08-14-2016 NOTE

This week, Pastor Mike Newson opens up 1Samuel 26 to learn from David as he is being stalked by the jealous King Saul.  Sounds like the making of a great drama.  Well, this summer we’re going to be getting the Camping 101 and learning to pitch the tent of our faith on the promises of God.  Join us for a fun and faith-filled summer!

SUNDAY 10:30am