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Centering in on what’s most important for your kids.

SERMON AUDIO: Everything for your kids SERMON 08-06-2017
SERMON NOTES: Do Everything 08-06-2017_NOTE

Speaker: Pastor Mike Newson

Hey everybody we’re starting a new series today that is aimed at helping the kids in your life become more than just another pew-sitter. The key is learning to do everything for your kids — your grandkids if you have them, and even your nieces and nephews.  It’s a bit of a play on wrods, but ou’ll get it when you get here!  Join us each week for a fuller explanation of the mystery that has been hidden for generations!

SUNDAY 10:30am

Get in God’s Face

SERMON AUDIO: Summer Time SERMON 07-02-2017
SERMON NOTES: Summer TIME 07-03-2017 NOTES

Ah summer!  Summer affords us the chance to take a step back from our normal lives and rest.  Most people in Saskatchewan try to take vacation time, or at least hit the lake on a Saturday to relax on a beach somewhere.  This summer we’re going to be talking about prayer.  Especially with consideration to our normal busyness.  How do I have a meaningful prayer life with all the other stuff of life going on around me.  Great question, find out how each Sunday!

SUNDAY 10:30am

Going and Obeying

SERMON AUDIO: Going and Obeying SERMON 05-07-2017

So far, we have journeyed with Jesus to His Last Supper, then His arrest, trial, and crucifixion, BUT then we waited….. we waited for the Promise – Sunday!  Resurrection Day!  From those moment with Jesus we watched certain people develop certain postures in response to Jesus and His claims. More often then not, our posture determines what we expect from God, which determines how we hear God’s promises, which determines what we receive from God. Get you posture right and receive what God promises.

SUNDAY 10:30am

Abundant Sacrifice

SERMON AUDIO: Abundant SACRIFICE 04-02-2017
SERMON NOTES: Abundant SACRIFICE sermon 04-02-2017 NOTES

We conclude our series where we explored Psalm 51, a 3000 year old song that was written by a man of influence who committed some horrible sins.  He’s a broken man with nowhere to hide and this song reveals where he went to find an abundant life.  That doesn’t sound right, and it doesn’t sound possible, but come each Sunday to find out more.

SUNDAY 10:30am

Heather (Hahn) deCabezas

SERMON AUDIO: Heather Hahn deCabezas SERMON 03-05-2017

Heather is our Seamless Link international worker in Mexico City.  She is involved in handful of justice and compassion ministries and we partner with her in these and try to help strengthen the work of the church there through money, prayers, and man-power.  Today Heather brings us an update of those ministries while preaching from Roman 12 and the renewing of our minds to increase our activity in God’s kingdom work.  Bless you.  And check out her links below to find out more!

SUNDAY 10:30am

Holiness: with Rev. Boyd Hopkins and Spoken Word Ministries

Sermon Audio: spoken-word-min-02-05-2017

Hey there, this Sunday we celebrate Communion and Rev. Boyd Hopkins with Spoken Word Ministries will be sharing God’s Word.  Boyd and I go back a long way and I deeply respect him and the ministry he shares with the world through Spoken Word Ministries.  I’ve included a link below and I encourage you to check it out and to get to one of his workshops!  – Pastor Mike Newson


Helping Saskatoon Shine


SERMON AUDIO: celebration-of-hope-01-01-2017
SERMON NOTES: coh-sermon_helping-saskatoon-shine-01-01-2017-note

We start a New Year with a New series.  Well sorta…
We often start our year here at Lawson with a series entitled A Celebration of Hope.  Our desire is to do 2 things: 1) Increase your hope as you enter the New Year to anticipate God doing NEW things in your life, 2) Increase your awareness of the needs of our city and what God can do through His church to bring NEW beginnings to the people in her boundaries!  God has good news for our city!

Today we start our series with a look at our city and how we can help Saskatoon truly shine like the motto of our city suggests!

SUNDAY 10:30am

Down to Earth LOVE


SERMON AUDIO: down-to-earth-sermon_12-04-2016
SERMON NOTES: downtoearth-sermon-12-04-2016_notes


Christmas time!
The hopes and fears of all the year are met in thee tonight!  How often do you get an offer like that?  Come celebrate the season with us and we will listen to the ancient story of a God who was so down to earth, He actually came down to earth, so that we could know Him and be saved by Him!  Bless you!

SUNDAY 10:30am

Communion Service

SERMON AUDIO:  communion-sunday-09-04-2016
SERMON NOTES:  Sorry no notes this Sunday

Everyone is getting ready to start a new season of school, work, and recreational activities.  The beginning of September is always a time of transitions.  This Sunday, Rev. Stein with be helping us prepare for a ancient meal that is a transitional time in Jesus’ ministry.  He will help us understand how it impacts our daily lives today.

SUNDAY 10:30am

If you pitch it, they will come

CAMPING 101: Pitching your Tent on the Promises of God

SERMON AUDIO:  Camping 101 SERMON 08-07-2016
ERMON NOTES:  sorry no notes today

This week, Pastor Tyrone McKenzie opened up Luke 9 and the Transfiguration of Jesus. This summer we’re going to be getting the Camping 101 and learning to pitch the tent of our faith on the promises of God.  During the next two months we will have a few different speakers and we’ll be looking at various camping scenes in the Bible.  Join us for a fun and faith-filled summer!

SUNDAY 10:30am