The Tyranny of the Everything.

pray-everything-bannerSERMON AUDIO: prayer-for-everything-09-11-2016
SERMON NOTES: prayer-sermon-09-11-2016-notes

We all get that we ‘should’ spend time with God, and we long to do so, but there are a lot of important things in my life. Important people to see and meet the needs of, important tasks to be done. Much is depending on me. In this prayer we investigate our want and attempts to escape the urgent demands of everything in our lives to be with Jesus. But as we see with Jesus and the disciples, the urgent often pressed Him so strongly that slipping away was not possible. So, there must have been something Jesus had that made up for compromised good-intentions. Find out each Sunday through September as we make our way through the new Alliance Prayer!


SUNDAY 10:30am

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Lawson Heights Alliance Church in Saskatoon, SK. Lead Pastor: Mike Newson

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